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Obstructed Airways

An obstructed airway is a dangerous condition caused by the tongue falling to the back of your throat and blocking the airway as you sleep. Many people experience this and only learn of this issue from angry bed partners, in the form of snoring.


Snoring may be an indicator of a serious health condition called Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Approximately one out of every two snorers will develop this condition. Although snoring is an indicator for sleep apnea, it is not necessarily experienced by all patients with this disorder.

With the use of a dental appliance the lower jaw is positioned forward in the mouth. As a result, the tongue is kept forward and the airway is opened up.  This positioning of the jaw provides a clear airway while you sleep. 

Dental appliances can be a more comfortable alternative to CPAP therapy, as you don't have to wear a cumbersome mask which can tug and pull while you are moving your head during sleep.

Dr. Bob and the Dream Team at Sleep Better Green Bay have a more comfortable solution to a CPAP machine. Call us today to find out how it can help you! 

Dental Appliance


Dental Appliance Options

Below is an option that can potentially help open your airway to allow for better sleep.  

The Herbst appliance is an effective treatment for bruxism, chronic snoring and/or mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea sufferers.

Herbst Appliance 

This appliance allows patients to move up and down or side to side without disengaging the appliance. 

This appliance is easily adjustable. This is suited for patients who may have changes in their dental work. 



Learn all about how to improve your (or your spouse's) sleep, with the latest dental technology. Meet Dr. Bob, and members of the Dream Team. Enjoy FREE hors d'œuvres and beverages as he discusses the history and the process of dental sleep appliances, and the importance of adding years to your life, by sleeping better!

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