Meet Our Dream Team!

There are 3 highly skilled members of our Dream Team: Dr. Bob, Dori and Alycia! Check out there bios below:

Dr. Bob

Dr. Bob became interested in the dental alternative to sleep apnea when he learned that restful sleep can add up to 10 years to your life! He said: "that's the difference between seeing my granddaughter graduate from high school or not!"

Call us at 920.544.0084 for a FREE consolation today!


Dori is one of the clinical team members that will help answer all of your questions about your new dental sleep device!

Dori is fascinated with the link between sleepy driving and drunk driving. Ask her about it by calling: 920.544.0084!


Alycia is one of the friendly faces you will see at the front desk when you come in for your appointment at Sleep Better Green Bay! She'll be able to answer any of your insurance questions!

Give her a call at 920.544.0084 today!

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